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7 deliciously crazy things to do with bacon

Bacon has taken over the world. No longer condemned to just being the +1 to poached eggs or the afterthought on a beef burger, bacon has taken centre stage and earned itself a standing ovation. It’s like the world tried to a find a food in existence that didn’t go with bacon – and failed. It’s a beautiful time to be alive, really. Don’t believe us that bacon goes with everything? Just try one these recipes on for size. You’ll be a convert to the United Church of Bacon in no time (it’s real, Google it, we dare you). Chocolate bacon cupcakes | The Novice Chef Dense chocolate cupcakes, buttercream frosting, a liberal dose of maple syrup – and crispy bacon crumbs. All together it tastes like angels frolicking on your tastebuds. Bacon-Maple-BlondiesMaple bacon blondies | Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice Thought slutty brownies were as good as it gets? You were wrong. bacon guacamole 2Spicy bacon guacamole | Cassie Craves Holy guacamole, can you just imagine this atop pulled pork nachos? Trust us, you want this jalapeño business. bacon cookiesBacon chocolate chip cookies | Penguins and Cupcakes Word around town is that cookies are the next big thing. If they come topped with bacon, we might just get behind the movement. Whiskey-Marshmallow-and-Caramel-Bacon-Bark_Endless-SimmerWhiskey, caramel, marshmallow and bacon bark | Endless Simmer To be honest, any dessert that combines booze and bacon will have our undivided attention. homemade-bacon-jamBacon jam | The Delicious Life Making bacon the magic ingredient to breakfast, lunch and supper, we’ll be generously loading this on toast, burgers and cheese, thanks. bacon ice cream featureBacon ice cream | The Gourmand and Gourmet Yep, we’re laying claim to this one ourselves, while we gorge on the stuff snuggled up in our onesie on the couch. Bacon is always a good idea. Words by Ranyhyn Akui