6 ways Trump is like an epic freakshake | The Gourmand & Gourmet

6 ways Trump is like an epic freakshake

It can’t just be us that has thought long and hard about this. We’re not sure whether it’s the hair, the personality, or the general air of disaster waiting to happen, but there’s something about the current elected president of the US that makes us think of a freakshake. Can’t see the correlation between Trump and a pile of cream and sprinkles? Let us enlighten you.
#1. They’re both topped with fairy floss
You can’t tell us that hair is real. It’s spun sugar, we’re sure of it.
#2. You thought they were a joke – then people started buying/voting for them
Oh, you mean this is really happening?
#3. Just the idea of it is enough to make you queasy
A brownie and toasted marshmallows on a milkshake? Yeah that’s going to come back up. Oh you want to support the fossil fuel industry? Excuse me while I lie down for a moment.
#4. They’re huge on social media
Unfortunately, only one of them is big because they’re so damn Instagrammable.
#5. They’re both high in cholesterol
We haven’t talked to Trump’s doctors or anything, but you know – valid assumption.
#6. They’re both full of s%#t
This one’s the trump card. We’re talking sugar, preservatives, food colouring, misogyny, strong tanning chemicals, the works. Personally though – we’d take the freakshake any day.