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6 suburban bistros to try

Sure, eating in the city is nice; you’ve got the river, the ambiance and an ideal geographic proximity to a number of bars. But after a long day at work it’s far more relaxing to get away from the crowds and the traffic and enjoy an amazing meal in a little out of the way place (it’s also easier to avoid immediately eating your leftovers while your driving home rather than sitting on a train). Here are 6 suburban bistros to try when you’re in the mood for something a little more intimate. Catbird Seat Bistro | East Brisbane Tucked away on Stanley Street East, The Catbird Seat Bistro is your chance to fly away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy soulful food in a relaxed environment. Here, you’ll find French inspired cuisine that’s more fun than any city bistro would offer, but still requiring plenty of technique from head chef James Guldberg. Changing regularly, the menu always offers plenty of surprising tid bits – but we suggest ticking them off before dishes like the best bits from a pig with glazed pineapple and radicchio leave the line up. Southside Bistro | Sunnybank When you think about eating in Sunnybank, fine dining is generally not at the forefront of your mind (images of bottomless bowls of pho and piles of gorgeously grilled dumplings are usually conjured), but if you’re after something other than street food, Southside Bistro has got you covered. With everything from pork belly with chocolate mole and cherry sauce, dehydrated peaches, crackling, and cumin and honey roasted carrots to soft shell crab bao burgers, Southside Bistro is dishing up food that is as inventive as it is delicious! Boucher French Bistro | Graceville Do you ever get the impulse to run away to Paris and do nothing but drink wine and eat snails all day? Although we can’t guarantee that this fantasy will come true for all of us, we can ensure you that a night at the Boucher French Bistro is the next best thing. Put on your beret and try some foie gras with brioche and port jelly, and then enjoy a ballontine with chicken, polenta and mushroom ragout with crisp prosciutto and asparagus for your main, and most importantly, finish your evening with a dark chocolate soufflé with espresso ice cream. Bon appetite! Cinco Bistro | Camp Hill Whether you’re in the mood for a warm rabbit ballontine, a penne pasta dish with pork and fennel sausage and a tomato and vodka cream or a tandoori chicken pizza, there is something to satisfy any craving at Cinco Bistro. An eclectic mix of different European cuisines, Cinco Bistro is a Camp Hill institution, featuring a delicious a gourmet fare as well as an extensive pizza and pasta menu. A selection of decadent desserts is also on offer, with a sweet wine or liqueur pairing suggested for each dish… Be prepared to stay here for a while. Deer Duck Bistro | Auchenflower Deer Duck Bistro is Brisbane’s ultimate degustation destination, and with a décor as beautiful as the food itself, they provide a truly special dining experience. If you’re after a decedent week day dinner, they offer an a la carte menu from Tuesday to Friday, featuring sumptuous meals like the sous vide duck, with Roman gnocchi, confit tomatoes and a plum jus (a much better alternative to that left over curry from two weeks ago). And if you feel up to the challenge you can choose between a five, seven or nine course degustation menu, with optional wine pairings… This is truly a world-class meal you won’t soon forget! (Just make sure you don’t wear anything too constricting.) Paddington Deli and Epicerie | Paddington The Paddington Deli and Epicerie has both the look and flavour of a classic French bistro. With delectable menu options such as a crispy skin duck with caramelised orange, Asian rainbow salad and sticky orange sauce or the spring risotto with semi dried tomatoes, artichoke, spinach, mushroom and feta, you’ll be forgiven for looking more lovingly at your food than at your date. It happens to the best of us. There you have it Brisbane, 6 suburban bistros to try on your next night out! Words by Georgia Casey