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6 reasons to ditch work and head to lunch at Libertine

If you’re anything like us, your lunch hour is the time to forget about emails for a while and revive yourself with a bit of food therapy. But if the thought of peanut butter sandwiches isn’t enough  of a reason to ditch your desk and take in a flavour-filled banquet full of dishes like sand crab croquettes, cauliflower popcorn and crispy pork belly at Paddington’s Libertine on your lunch break, we’ve got 6 more. Yep, that’s more reasons than you can count on the hand that’s not holding that takeaway container full of last night’s dinner. So tell the boss you’re heading to a meeting (or better yet, take them with you) and make your way to Libertine, the most flavoursome spot for Brisbane city lunches from Wednesday to Sunday. Just minutes from the CBD (and far from all thoughts of deadlines), this vibrant venue will have you seated and dining on deliciously exotic pan-Asian fare with a French twist in no time at all.
#1. Wallet friendly lunchtime banquets
Lunch is not just another word for “light salad”! And with Libertine’s lunchtime banquet menu offering five fantastic courses for just $35pp, why wouldn’t you get your midday feast on? With everything from dreamy speck and mushroom dumplings to char-grilled lemongrass, coconut and condensed milk chicken skewers to tuck into, you’ll never want to lunch in the office again. Hot tip: Bring your co-workers with you to share the feast and they’ll have no chance to wonder why you’re taking a longer lunch hour than usual.
Libertine brisbane city lunch 2#2. Free parking
No one enjoys paying $60 to park in the city (or, god forbid, $200+ for a ticket). Leave some dosh to actually spend on your five course lunch with two hours of free parking at The Barracks. That’s enough time for lunch and a quick dash to one of the many specialty stores for afternoon snacks! And with over 400 undercover car spaces, road rage will never be on the menu.
#3. Your tastebuds will thank you
We’re begging you – put down the packet of two minute noodles. You (and your appetite) deserve better. Check out Libertine’s list of flavour-packed dishes instead, like the Bang Bang BBQ duck l’orange crepes piled with twice cooked crispy pork belly with a cognac-chilli glacé that will have you drooling after every bite, and the sesame and soy marinated chicken with a side of spicy green papaya salad.
#4. Room to relax
Cubicle walls don’t exactly enrich or inspire your creative mojo. Get out of that office space (and mind), and recline in Libertine’s breezy courtyard, or inside in the glam dining room. With a quiet, leafy canopy dotted with Asian lanterns outside, and cosy booths surrounded by sophisticated décor inside, you’ll shake off the cubicle blues in no time.
Libertine brisbane city lunch 3#5. Sneaky midday sips
You’re out to lunch – you may as well make the most of it! Whether you’ve had a stressful day or not, it will all be behind you after a glass of wine from Libertine’s top shelf wine list. Need something more than pinot gris? Try one of their refreshing cocktails, but be warned – after a couple of Libertinis, with a combination of gin, peach liqueur, lemon, grapefruit and lychee so good they’ve sold over 50,000 of them since opening in 2005, you may not want to go back to work. Hopefully you’ve been practising your best flu voice…
#6. Time to treat yourself
You know you’re going to get a mid-afternoon sugar craving when (if) you get back to your desk – may as well just treat yourself early and stop them from ever striking with a sweet finisher from Libertine’s dessert menu. If you can’t choose between the apple and cinnamon spiced spring roll and the chocolate hazelnut fondant, share a dessert platter with your coworkers (calories don’t count if you share). Better yet, perk yourself up and combine coffee and dessert with their new Vietnamese Coffee Bavarois, an ice cold blend of bitter coffee jelly, condensed milk and kaffir lime cream. When it comes to Brisbane city lunches, Libertine has more reasons than you need to ditch your usual boring feed. What are you waiting for? Words by Samantha Chariton Images by Judit Losh Keeping the G&G up to date with all the latest tasty tidbits requires a lot of double lattes and espresso martinis, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are really nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!