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5 ways to spoil your loved ones this festive season

The holiday season should be a time to relax and unwind but throw family, friends and house guests into the mix and it can get a bit stressful trying to entertain, feed and make room for them all. Luckily, thanks to Sofitel, we have the best gift of all: a way to help you keep everyone happy and well fed that won’t turn you into the Grinch. Here’s 5 ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive for you and your loved ones this year. #1. Dinner at Privé249 Looking to impress your out-of-town guests with a bit of fine dining? Take a seat in Privé249 in front of the stunning city views from their sky high spot and your guests will be so dazzled that you’re sure to end up on Santa’s nice list. With an exquisite French inspired menu and extensive wine list to match, your dining pals will be talking about this dinner until next Christmas. And if the chocolate ganache with hazelnut and Frangelico doesn’t win you some extra presents under the tree this year, we don’t know what will. #2. High Tea in Club Lounge The silly season signals that it’s okay to forget about those diets until the new year (Santa seems pretty jolly eating all of those Christmas cookies after all), but if you’re not a whiz in the kitchen, treat yourself at Sofitel instead. Nibble on sweet treats and sip on tea (or bubbly if you need some extra Christmas cheer) at a high tea in Club Lounge, with roast beef and smoked salmon ribbon sandwiches, delicate French pastries and scones with jam and Chantilly cream. sofitel brisbane buffet lunch#3. Family Lunch at Thyme² Cooking for the whole family can be a recipe for disaster. Keep everyone happy and save yourself the stress by hanging up the apron and having a family lunch at Thyme². Enjoy a range of globally inspired dishes cooked up before you in an interactive experience, with everything from fresh seafood, antipasto and salads to a dedicated cheese and wine buffet, chocolate fountain and desserts made in the hotel’s own patisserie. Bonus, you can get out of cooking on Christmas Day – they’re open for an indulgent festive lunch! #4. A night at Sofitel Your lounge room is probably crowded enough with Christmas gifts and decorations without adding bedding for your guests, so do everyone a favour and ship them off to Sofitel (trust us, they’ll thank you for it). You could even treat that special someone (and yourself) to a night in one of their luxury rooms – ‘tis the season after all! If you’re there on a Friday, make sure to visit the Pop Up Soiree rooftop bar for a cocktail or three! Don’t worry, Santa will have no trouble finding you here, he may even book himself a room when he sees what he is missing. #5. Borrow the Hotel’s “Audi” car and hit James Street Who needs a sleigh when you can cruise around Brisbane in style in an Audi, courtesy of Sofitel? If you need to buy some last minute presents, it’s only a short drive to James Street where you can shop ‘til you drop in their many boutiques. Stop by Taste for some handy kitchen gadgets for Mum, throw a not so subtle hint to your other half with an addition to the bookshelf from Scrumptious Cookbooks and then head to Cru Bar for a well deserved glass of wine. Your gift giving skills will be enough to put Santa out of a job! Enjoy the holiday season in style! Words by Kate Streader Keeping the G&G up to date with all the latest tasty tidbits requires a lot of double lattes and espresso martinis, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are really nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!