5 ways to spice up your summer BBQ: Southern-style | The Gourmand & Gourmet

5 ways to spice up your summer BBQ: Southern-style

Summer is so close we can taste it, and every delicious backyard BBQ it promises. This summer, we’ll be taking inspiration from the Deep South – because snags on bread are just so last decade. So spice up your next BBQ Southern-style, with all the smoky, cheesy, saucy delights of soul food. You’ll never go back to steak and onions again. Jalapeño poppers | Epicurious How could you go wrong with cheese stuffed anything? You best make two lots of these popping delicious bites, because they’ll be devoured faster than you can say Texas. Jalapeño cheddar cornbread | Foodnetwork You haven’t tasted the American dream until you’ve tried cornbread. But we’re not ones for skimping on extras, so go all out with this spicy jalapeno cheddar cornbread. Mexican street corn | Sassygirlz Corn you understand our love for this spicy, cheesy, grilled Mexican street corn? Fire up the BBQ and you soon will. Plus, it’s a vegetable, so it’s totally good for us, right? Sweet and spicy chicken wings | she wears many hats Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to go out to get sweet, saucy chicken wings, you can recreate that finger licking goodness at home. With a spicy kick, these wings will have you staying in more often. Smoky chipotle honey BBQ sauce | Food52 Add a little or a lot of southern spice to all your summer eats with this smoky BBQ sauce that will top anything you can get from a bottle. Drizzle it over your ribs, your prawns or even just your snags for a BBQ worth having. Just don’t blame us if you’re too full to jump in the pool afterwards. Words by Typhanie Vayro