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5 ways to get more kimchi into your life

If you’ve decided to make a batch of kimchi, the Korean side dish of pickled vegetables that has suddenly become oh so trendy, you’re probably anticipating a long winded fermenting nightmare. But this Asian superfood it is actually one of the easiest ferments you’ll ever make. This delicious concoction is traditionally served as a side dish to meats, much like dill pickles for the Polish, but there are so many delicious uses, so here’s a few to get you inspired. Kimchi Recipe | Kitchen Wench Kimchi changes slightly from family to family and familial tweaks to the original recipe are well-guarded secrets. Here’s an authentic recipe from a Korean daughter sure to take the fear out of the ferment. Just make sure you don a pair of food prep gloves or you’ll suffer chilli burn for days. If you’re still freaked out, drop into your local Asian supermarket and pick up a tub from the fridge. kimchee recipesKimcheese sandwich | Steamy Kitchen This has just taken the toasted cheese sarny to a whole new level. Cheddar, kimchee and thin slices of nashi pear cooked in a pan. The oozy cheese drips through the fermented chilli cabbage and then hits the sweet crunch of the nashi. Wash it down with a wheat beer. Sunday arvo bliss. kimchi recipe 2Kimchi tartare sauce | Kimchi Chronicles Just to tip our current obsession with flavoured mayonnaises over the edge along comes this totally inspired idea. If you love battered pickles and aioli, you’ll LOVE dipping your chips/onion rings/battered fish in this zippy concoction. kimchi recipe 3Kimchee latkes | erecipe It’s exciting when different cuisines mesh well. In this case our Korean Cabbage is paired with a Jewish potato cake mix. Go spicy for breakfast with some hot smoked trout, poached eggs and finely shredded cabbage dressed simply with olive oil, salt and pepper and a little extra kimchee folded through some sour cream. kimchi recipes 4Kimchi and pork belly pizza | Week of Menus I am a pizza traditionalist. I like a thin base with sparse ITALIAN toppings please. Don’t be giving me no tandoori chicken or corn chips in my crust. I was very dubious when I found this, but you know what? It works! There’s a little sesame oil on the dough, ginger and garlic in the sauce, the kimchi is cooked in the pork belly topping and the whole party is covered with heaps of fresh coriander and eschallots. Really, it’s not a pizza, It’s a great big Korean festival.  If you go the route of making your own ferment, do a few harder veggies as well, like carrot, daikon radish and cucumber minus the seeds. Once they’ve cured, pop them into a martini instead of the olive and call it a Kimchini. A perfect friday afternoon drink or a prelude to your Korean festival. Mas-issneun! (Delicious!) nims xx