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5 Valentine's Day treat recipes that don't suck

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Because we are seduced more by the thought of romantic food than Valentine’s Day itself, we are hardly going to forgo an opportunity to bake some seriously sweet (in both senses of the word) Valentine’s treaties. Whether it’s a baked gift or a seductive dinner for your Valentine you’d rather put on a frilly apron for (and maybe nothing else, wink), we’ve rounded up some tantalising recipes that aren’t so cheesy they make you want to throw up a little in you mouth – although we’d totally be happy with a big plate of cheese. Just sayin’.
Valentine Rawlos | My New Roots
Chocolate? Tick. Caramel? Tick. Totally raw, healthy and everything-free? TICK! These Valentine’s treats use only the best ingredients.  My New Roots takes wonder foods (not super foods, they just do wonderful things) like coconut oil, cacao, honey and dates and blitzes them all into caramel filled rolls of goodness. What’s better than chocolate that’s good for you? Nothing.
Fig and Goat’s Cheese Pie | Always With Butter
Is this a date? No, it’s a fig, a fig and goats cheese pie to be exact. For a perfectly easy brunch in with your Valentine, whip up this quick mini pie that’s oh so cute, just like you and your bae (we even made ourselves sick with that one). Valentine’s Day is all about pairings, and this dish is full of them: savoury and sweet, goats cheese and fruit and days full of baking and delicious nights. Valentine's Day
Four Cheese Ravioli | Annie Eats
We are tortellini in love with these heart shaped ravioli parcels!  There’s nothing like turning something ordinary into something heart shaped for a day like the big V Day. So cancel your dinner plans and arm yourself with cookie cutters, because these little four cheese pasta pockets are to dine for! Valentine's Day
Brownie ice cream sandwich | Pinch My Salt
Want to get naughty in the kitchen? You can leave your pants on, we’re talking about baking Kahlua spiked dark chocolate chunk brownies and sandwiching them together with Baileys ice-cream. Ohhh baby. Valentine's Day
Raspberry Marshmallow | Not So Humble Pie
For the totally single couch sitters out there, who’s butter half is a bag of marshmallows and a good horror movie (no chick flicks tonight, thanks), this one’s for you. Throw some sugar, gelatine, vanilla, egg and a few frozen raspberries together and you’ll find yourself setting little fluffy squares on every shelf of the fridge before you can say Katherine Heigl. You’ll be looking your plate, errr, we mean partner in the eye and making smoochy noises in no time. Words by Lucille Burkitt