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5 tequila cocktails that aren’t margaritas

From sunrise to half-a-bottle regret, tequila is a magical Mexican creation that can make even the most basic occasion one to remember (or at least one that you wish you could). At this time of year, when Brisbane weather is reminiscent of Death Valley and ‘melting’ impersonations of the Wicked Witch of the West are beyond a joke, nothing quite soothes the soul and chills you out like a cool, fresh tequila cocktail. Margaritas might be a tasty classic, but it’s time we started shaking things up a bit. We’ve thrown together a mix of recipes that will bring flavour to your taste buds and life to your parties. Adios salt, shot, and lemon, because these boozy cocktail creations are made in heaven! Paloma | Drizzle & Dip If you struggle to drink tequila because the thought of it only stirs up memories of wildly drunken student days, this delightfully refreshing yet sophisticated concoction just might be the solution. It’s zesty, it’s bubbly and it goes down perfectly with a spicy Mexican feast. cucumber coolerCucumber-Tequila Cooler | Serious Eats Get your 2 and 5 and feel positively alive with this tart and refreshing cocktail. With cool, crisp ingredients like cucumber and celery, it’s pretty much a superdrink right? pimms-cupThe Salty Miami | A Spicy Perspective Bright, bold and bursting with flavour, this twist on the classic Pimm’s Cup is the drink of our summer daydreams. The perfect mix of old and new, traditional lime, salt and tequila are paired with bright and fresh strawberries and celery. tequila fizzOrange, Strawberry and Tequila Fizz | Olives & Garlic Can’t afford an impromptu flight to Cancún for a beach getaway? If you close your eyes when you drink this mouth-watering mix, it’s pretty much the next best thing. With muddled strawberries and fresh juices of lemon, lime and orange, this cocktail is refreshing, delicious and oh-so-colourful. el diabloEl Diablo | Paste Kicking around since the 1940s, this El Diablo is a timeless treat that perfectly pairs crème de cassis with lime and ginger beer to make the ideal poolside drink. This creative mix is anything but boring with sensationally sweet flavours that will send your spirits soaring. Why not mix things up at your next social occasion? Creative cocktails are the best way tequila the boredom and break the ice, so give them a shot! Words by Caroline Tully