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5 superfoods to get you through winter

Obviously, comfort food is our best friend during the chilly months of June to August. Who wants to eat a salad when you could order a hot, greasy burger while the winter winds blow a gale outside? Hard pass. We’ll eat whatever the heck we want when it’s cold. But when summer comes around and it’s suddenly time to slip into your cossie for beach season, you would probably wish you’d eaten your greens instead. Jump on board the foodie-fad bandwagon with us as we round up the Insta famous superfoods we are eating. Even if they are in/alongside a burger. Spinach Kale was so yesterday. Spinach is the new green superfood on the block and Popeye taught us that if you ate your spinach, you’d be able to grow instant muscles and beat up bad guys. Don’t let appearances fool you, this humble leafy green is jam packed with antioxidants and a star studded list of vitamins, from A, C and K. It’s also loaded with nutrients like magnesium, calcium and potassium. Include it in your breakfast omelette, as a pizza topping, or throw it in your homemade stew. You won’t be popping instant muscles but hey, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happier body. Oats Who knew this household staple of decades was a superfood in disguise? Oats are the perfect superfood inclusion to your winter diet, because when those winter blizzards set in all you want for brekky is a steaming hot bowl of old school porridge. Even though oats go through a hulling process when they are harvested, the process doesn’t strip away the bran or germ, meaning all those nourishing fibres and nutrients remain intact. Oats are perfect for lowering cholesterol so, if you’re currently battling your love for butter, throw this superfood into your diet and make some porridge. And maybe go easy on the brown sugar. Kombucha Tea lovers, raise your hands! Kombucha is the new kid on the block and it’s already making waves. This ancient Chinese beverage is made from sweetened tea that is left to ferment to create a probiotic drink. Before you start wrinkling your noses at the chunky bits, this elixir is perfect for detoxing the liver and heart and improving digestion. Its natural bacteria and enzymes work to bring your body back into balance meaning it’s perfect for overall gut health. For us, this is really just another reason to drink oodles more tea in winter. Turmeric This spice has been used in traditional Indian cooking for thousands of years. The West have jumped on board and now it’s one of the hottest superfoods out, and the perfect addition to your winter fare. This superfood spice is an anti-inflammatory, aid for arthritis relief and has even been said to prevent cancer. With such health benefits, you will want to ensure you let it rain down like confetti into your next home-cooked curry or green juice. Just beware the yellow stain it leaves in its place. Kefir We’re all about probiotic goodness this winter. Kefir is a style of fermented milk made from cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk, and has the same consistency and flavour as drinkable yoghurt. It’s loaded with nutrients from calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamin B12…we could go on. Its benefits include a powerful immunity boost and building bone density. This versatile superfood can be included in smoothies, salads or as a vege dip. Use your creativity and this probiotic goodie will be your oyster. Superfoods – can we get a hell yea?! Now excuse us while we go look for our baby abs. Words by Caitlin Adamson Image credit: The First Mess