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5 reasons to throw a party at The Pineapple

One of Brisbane’s oldest and most established hotels has a new lease on life, a new menu, and a new way to throw a rockin’ inner city party. It’s a destination known as The Pineapple Hotel and it’s been around since long before the pineapple fad hit town. So for your next big ‘do’, ditch the backyard, skip the city bar you need to sell a kidney to afford and check out why you should throw a party at The Pineapple. #1. Because backyard parties are so 2003 We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in a wobbly plastic chair, nursing a plastic cup full of punch and nibbling on semi-frozen party pies. It’s the sort of party that your Nana would plan because it’s ‘cost effective,’ even with the slushy machine and 80s DJ. Pineapple Hotel 2Don’t fall for the backyard party when there’s somewhere like The Pineapple Hotel with a party for any budget. You could be chilling on the Baines St Verandah, nibbling grilled lamb cutlets sipping Chardonnay while you take selfies with the park view in the background. Whether you’re inviting your ten best friends for a few drinks or your entire office for a Christmas bash, there’s a space and a menu for you. #2. Because there’s great party food Look, nobody wants a cob loaf and sausage rolls. Not unless they’re 12. At a Pineapple party, you can have all the gourmet party food you want, whether you’d prefer to snack on beef and burgundy tartlets, chow down on Wagyu sliders, pig out on a buffet or even get fired up over a gourmet BBQ. You can be as fancy, or as ‘just give me a platter piled with spring rolls and chicken and leek pies’ as you like. pineapple hotel 3#3. Because you can party on afterwards  Once the party (and the bar tab) is over, ditch the rellies (or the boss) and hit the town, with Brisbane’s nightlife just a 5 minute cab ride away. Where else can you book out an entire bar on a Saturday night and still be just a hop, skip and a stumble from the next stop? #4. Because you won’t have to sell a kidney to afford it We know the real reason you’re considering the local RSL for your function – because who wants to spend half a house deposit on a party? Well, The Pineapple Hotel is here for you my friend, with food and booze for any budget. You just want beers and classic pub grub for 30 mates? They can cater it. You want an all out three course dinner with drinks for under $100 a head? Yep, The Pineapple can do that too. Is that wedding plan wheels we see turning in your head? pineapple hotel 4#5. Because the pineapple fad is so hot right now If you’ve bought yourself a ceramic pineapple in recent months, this is the place for you. Party with The Pineapple and be surrounded in the pineapple paraphernalia that you know and love, right down to paradise inspired, pineapple wallpaper. It’s not a fad – it’s a passion. Check out all The Pineapple Hotel’s Brisbane party venue spaces and packages here. Words by Lucille Burkitt Keeping the G&G up to date with all the latest tasty tidbits requires a lot of double lattes and espresso martinis, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are really nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!