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5 reasons to eat seafood this Easter

Okay, so we know that people say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but when else can you have chocolate for breakfast without judgement? Yep, Easter! This year, we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate our favourite holiday by enjoying the bounty of our plentiful oceans in between Easter egg binges. Here are five reasons why you should put your lobster bibs on and eat seafood this Easter!
  1. It’s a healthy way to counterbalance all that chocolate
Although we thoroughly support and encourage you in your quest to consume as much chocolate as possible over the Easter weekend, we all know that there’s a tipping point (when standing up makes you dizzy, it might be time to put the bunny in the fridge). Give your body a little break and treat it to some delicious seafood goodness! After a healthy lunch you’ll feel less guilty about sneaking more eggs from Nan for dessert. 
  1. It’s delicious!
We probably could have ended the article here because really, what other reason do you need? There are so many different ways to enjoy seafood and they’re all ridiculously good. Whether you’re devouring garlic prawns, or crispy skinned barra or soft shell crab pasta, eating seafood is like there’s a party in your mouth, and everyone’s invited. Don’t neglect your savoury cravings for chocolate. You have room for both.
  1. Minimum cooking effort, maximum enjoyment
The great thing about seafood is that it comes pre-seasoned (all that salt water has to absorb, right?) and requires very little preparation to create something insanely delicious! We’ve done some fishing and reeled in some great recipes for you to try this year. Your mum will be so impressed when you bring crab cakes with avocado salsa instead of packet mix brownies. (The crab cakes aren’t much harder guys, we promise)
  1. Light eating on a hot day
So we all know it’s April right? We only ask because no one seems to have told the weather yet, it’s still bloody hot. The great thing about our perpetual summer is that we get to enjoy light and refreshing meals all year long. (You can’t eat chili snapper with Asian slaw in winter, you need pasta. Lots of pasta.) Instead of cranking up the aircon this year, impress the fam with a delicious seafood feast. You’ll feel revitalized and in the mood for a swim in the ocean (then maybe a little sad when you remember it’s not December and you have work on Tuesday).
  1. Supports local suppliers
One of the best things about living on the world’s largest island is that we are literally surrounded by some of the world’s best seafood. It would be downright un-Australian not to take advantage of our premium produce and eat is as often as possible! This year, why not ditch the imported stuff and support our local producers, without them we’d have nothing to eat with chips on the beach. What a bleak thought. We cod go on and on! Don’t mullet over guys, get to The Fishery in Milton and get some fish on your fork! Words by Georgia Casey