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5 new year’s resolutions that we might actually keep

Quitting sugar? Cutting out dairy? Giving up wine? Pfft, we know those resolutions aren’t going to stick – they probably won’t even last the week. So we’ve come up with some new year’s resolutions that we actually want to keep – and might just make 2016 a whole lot tastier. Eat more cheese All the things that make you happy should continue to do so in the new year. And what makes us more happy than anything else? Cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. So we’re going to have a gouda year and eat more of it. Bring on the brie. Get over our aversion to dill What’s with the sudden craze for putting dill on everything? Fritters? Lamb? Salad? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD? For someone who eats food for a living, a serious phobia of dill makes life difficult – so this year, we’re going to suck it up and get the hell over it. Or at least try. Quality over quantity No more shoveling crappy junk food into our mouth just because it’s got a big ‘eat me’ sticky note on it. That means you, miniature vanilla cupcakes and Aldi chocolates. It’s time to get picky with our calories, so every time we see a bag of crisps, we’re going out for baked goods. Hey, we said quality OVER quantity, not instead of. Get better at packing snacks 3pm hanger is real. Errry damn day it happens, and that banana we threw in our bag for ‘snacks’ is usually gone by 10am. Things need to change. We can’t take another incidence of office hanger – and neither can anyone who has to interact with us on a daily basis. Plus, we can totally kill three birds with one stone and just keep plenty of good quality cheese and crackers on hand. Do you think Black Pearl has frequent shopper cards? Or maybe we’ll practice what we preach and start making bliss balls with the help of these recipes. Make use of our coffee table books cookbooks Just once will do. We’re going to pick up one of the 203 cookbooks on the kitchen shelf, pick a page and random, decide we don’t like it and pick another page at random, and cook the recipe from scratch. No short cuts. It could be a disaster – but hopefully it will be a tasty one. Whatever your resolutions, just don’t make one of these. Words by Ranyhyn Akui