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5 Must Try Japanese Dishes

There are so many different Japanese restaurants featuring sushi trains that it’s hard to keep track. How do you know which sushi station you want to stop at?

Are they any that go beyond standard sushi and the occasional spring roll? Hidden in Brisbane’s newest food precinct, King Street, sits our newest Japanese crush – Sushi & Nori.

If you can pull your eyes past the bustling gourmet sushi train, you’ll discover a menu bursting with modern takes on traditional Japanese flavours. Udon know what you’re missing out on until you sink your teeth into our top 5 must try Japanese dishes. #1. Truffle Tuna Tartare

It may be a tower, but it’s definitely not the type that will induce your fear of heights. This little, edible tower is big on flavour – with an avocado base, tuna tartare with refreshing bites of cucumber, yuzu and shiso, and a Pasteur pipette filled with truffle oil on the side to use at will. We’d climb that tower. #2. Grilled Salmon with Asparagus

This little puppy will reel you in. The grilled salmon sashimi heroes the dish, using smashed avocado, asparagus, lemon, herbs and soy sauce to make one neat, little, tasty package. We deem it offishially worthy of your time any day. #3. Torinegi

Yeah, yeah, we’re getting to what it is. More commonly referred to as yakitori, Torinegi are basically delicious, tender chicken skewers. Drool over two packed skewers with marinated chicken, sesame seeds, lemon and herbs. The saying ‘good things come in small packages’ has never been more apt, but rest assured, these bad boys pack a flavour punch. #4. Karaage Chicken

Ah, karaage. Who doesn’t love fried chicken, let alone a whole bowl of it! Sushi & Nori have nailed this mother clucker of a recipe, so get around it. No further explanation required. #5. Wagyu Beef

Meat lovers, meat the wagyu beef nigiri. This bite sized beef dish has the right amount of seasoning and char, with the right amount of flavoursome goodness being soaked up by the rice. You’ll be so happy that you won’t have beef with anyone for days. Don’t they just sound soy awesome?

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Words by Nicole Portacha