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5 gourmet subscription boxes you'll actually want

We’ve all been burnt by a subscription box in the past. ‘Subscribe to us!’ they all scream. ‘We’ll send you delicious things every month – you’ll never have to go shopping again!’ Then the box finally arrives and instead of being as tasty as their Instagram page promised, you find a sad packet of nuts and some questionable smelling tea bags inside. Well rage at 6 months contracts and direct debits for treats you wouldn’t even inflict upon your Gran no longer foodies, because we’ve found some gourmet boxes you’ll be running to the post office to collect. ­­ Cheese Therapy Cheese delivered to your door. Need we say more? If Cheese Therapy sounds like your kind of emotional healing (or any other kind of healing – we won’t judge), get your order in for this box of four incredible cheeses from around the world, for $80 per month. The thoughtful souls at Grape Therapy, who came up with the genius idea, will even include crackers so you don’t have to go running to the grocery store before you start stuffing your face with camembert. The Whisky Order There’s nothing whisky about ordering a box of five samples of smooth liquor from The Whisky Order – unless you’re more a gin drinker, of course. But even then you might be willing to switch things up, with carefully curated whiskeys delivered in 30mL tasting bottles as a part of each month’s themed selection, for $60 per month. Japan Crate Whether you’re missing the Japanese treats you found through a trial and error process in Tokyo’s quickie marts (who knew Japanese chocolate was so damn good?), or you’re just curious about those crazy KitKat flavours, Japan Crate will be your guide to the weird and wonderful side of Japanese foodie culture. These unique boxes are full of exclusive (and strictly Japanese) products, and you can grab different-sized crates depending on how curious/hungry/Naruto-crazy you are, ranging from $12-30 a month. Treat Mill You’ll want to have a DVD and a bib ready for when this bad boy arrives, because if like us, you have no willpower whatsoever, you’ll soon be gorging on a box full of 6 Australian made sweets. With each treat, you’ll learn the story of the person who made it, where they’re located, and how you can buy (and eat) more – though it may be a few days before that sounds appealing #chocolatebingeregret. Monthly subscriptions start at just $29 per month. GoodnessMe Box The thrill of getting a box of goodies delivered won’t be tinged with pre-binge guilt (because you know you’ll eat everything on the first day) when a GoodnessMe Box arrives – it’s filled with foods that will make you feel as good as the package looks! Every monthly box includes 6-10 surprise health foods and recipes for just $25, including treats like snack bars, breakfast cereals and protein powders. You shouldn’t have to wait for your birthday to unwrap presents – especially when they’re this tasty!