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5 Easter treat recipes you won’t regret  

So we’re only a hop, skip and a jump away from that eggstra-special time of year when everyone starts to get a little cocoa-loco. You know that one, magical Sunday when it becomes socially acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast? Forget eggs benny and chia pudding, bring on eggs bunny and chocolate pudding! But let’s be honest, while having chocolate hot cross buns for lunch all week sounds like a dream, we’re really not keen on the post-Easter after-choc. So to save the arduous journey back to fitting into your skinny jeans (and trust us, it can be a rocky road!), we’ve rounded up some recipes for a healthier, guilt-free Easter. Now you can make your eggs and eat them too! Easter Eggs | To Her Core Want to treat yourself to an Easter egg hunt, without the post-chocolate binge regret? Just because you’re being healthy doesn’t mean you have to stick with carob buttons! These recipes for white chocolate and raspberry eggs and chocolate crunch eggs are so scrumptiously cute you’ll be making them year round (but you might want to invest in some different shaped chocolate moulds). healthy easter recipes raw cadbury creme egg Vegan Chocolate Vanilla Cream Easter Eggs | Mind Body Green We don’t know about you guys, but there’s something about crème eggs that make it too damn easy to power through a whole bag in one sitting. Maybe it’s just easier to justify a whole bag when they actually resemble a real egg with their wholesome yolk in the middle? But before you reach for another store-bought egg, give this recipe for a raw, vegan version a crack! healthy gluten free hot cross buns Gluten Free Double Chocolate Hot Cross Buns | George Eats Thought it couldn’t get better than munching upon a freshly baked, fluffy hot cross bun slathered with butter? Think again! Coeliacs and detesters of dried fruit, you should be raisin your hands in celebration, for we’ve found a recipe that everyone can enjoy! With the fluffiness and chocolately decadence that we know and love, but not the refined sugar and flours, you can indulge this Easter and still keep your buns of steel! healthy easter recipes raw hot cross buns Raw Hot Cross Bun Bites | Emily Ehlers Even the Easter bunny would hop all over these GF, RSF, DF, vegan and paleo raw hot cross bun bites! Imagine everything you love about those sweet ‘n’ spicy buns of fun condensed into one perfect little nourishing mouthful! But unlike those frightfully refined alternatives, these little bites are so deliciously dense that you’ll be satisfied after just one! If you carrot all about your health this Easter, you should definitely get cracking in the kitchen with some of these deliciously healthy Easter alternatives! Words by Caroline Tully