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5 crazy foods you have to eat in NYC

We’ve all seen the Instagram photos of those crazy foods that from New York that make us want to jump on a plane and head to Big Apple straight away – the rainbow bagels, the tater tot nachos, the ramen burgers, and more. Because when a crazy new food creation is introduced to the New York food scene, it spreads across social media quicker than you can say Frankenstein. Restaurateurs, café owners and food connoisseurs are forever chasing that ‘insta-famous’ dish, and when big name and bloggers and Instagramers with huge cult followings discover the dish and post to their accounts, a food-frenzy begins, until something more insane is invented. Thanks to these foodies, we, the gourmands and gourmets of the world, benefit by having a constant stream of crazy food to wrap our drooling mouths around. So if you ever find yourself in the Big Apple, aka food paradise, here is a crazy food bucket list to tick your way through. Rainbow bagels | The Bagel Store The rainbow bagels at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn are a crazy twist on the classic NYC bagel with rainbow coloured dough wrapped up into one coloured wheel of insanity. You may have to wait a while (bagel seekers have been known to line up for 2 hours to get their hands on one), but these bad boys are reason enough to get out of Manhattan and into Brooklyn. Cubano dumplings | Mimi Cheng’s Two foods from opposite ends of the Earth are combined at Mimi Cheng’s in the East Village, who have created what would be the love child of a Cuban sandwich and a Chinese dumpling: the Cubano dumpling. Strange? Yes. Delicious? Without a doubt. Spam and cookie butter bao | Bunsmith The geniuses at Bunsmith in Brooklyn have created a bao menu which goes beyond the traditional pork and chicken fillings, and well into the realm of ‘holy fork!’ Tacked onto the end of the list of tasty creations is a Spam and cookie butter combo that has to be tasted to be believed. Given our love for the savory and sweet combo, this should certainly be on your ‘must eat’ foodie bucket list for NYC. Grapefruit jalapeño sorbet | Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. The grapefruit and jalapeño sorbet at Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. (Williamsburg and East Village) is just one example of their forever-changing menu of truly odd ice cream flavors. Oddfellow’s has been rated by many as the best ice-cream in NYC and in the past have featured crazy flavors like olive oil, chorizo caramel swirl and absinthe chocolate chip. You’ll never be able to limit yourself to one scoop. Macaron donut | François Payard Bakery The macaron donut is a true Frankenstein invention by the crazy pastry chefs at François Payard Bakery in Greenwich Village and one the latest crazes to achieve stardom in the city. It consists of a donut bottom, Macaron top and a decadent cream cheese filling. There is no better reason to book your ticket for tomorrow and get in line for this baby. And you can eat all of these while running around town in your very own pair of chicken and waffle inspired Nikes! Because why wouldn’t you? Written by Rachael Collins