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5 Brisbane sweet treats only a local would know about

There’s always the cafes and bakeries that everyone raves about, that pop up in your Instagram feed daily and come up in conversation every time you moan ‘I could really go for something sweet right now.’ Then there’s the spots tucked away in the suburbs, that you wouldn’t know about unless you accidentally took a wrong turn one day, but that boast some of the tastiest treats in the city, fresh from the kitchen. We think it’s time those spots got some air time, so here’s a few of our faves, with sugary treats that might just convince you to take a few wrong turns next time you’ve got a sugar craving. Emily’s Sweet Treat’s cruffins | Clayfield You want to make sure it’s a Saturday if you’re going to get lost on Sandgate Road and take a moment to find yourself in Emily’s Sweet Treat, because Saturday is cruffin day. These towering pastries are the fluffiest, butteriest you’ll ever eat, filled with all sorts of goodness, including a new cookies and cream flavour we’re a little obsessed with. Little Clive’s chocolate malt muffins | Annerley Stop by Little Clive first thing in the morning and you might be lucky enough find their dense and delicious muffins fresh out of the oven. There’s a different flavour every day, but it’s the chocolate malt version with a Nutella injection that gets us up 15 minutes earlier – and the extra large coffee they pour to go with it. Plum Tucker’s chocolate brownies | Red Hill Plum Tucker’s brownies are a foodie’s version of crack. Seriously. Addictive. So unbelievably fudgy, you’ll find yourself making any excuse to take the long way to work so you can stop in for a brew and treat yourself to a slice. Or three. Putia Pure Foods’ iced vovos | Banyo You’ll find all sorts of luscious sweet morsels in Putia’s cabinet, but it’s their pink striped iced vovo slice that always has us going back for seconds. One mouthful of that coconut delight and we’re back in grandma’s kitchen. Bonus, their treats are gluten free. Double Shot’s banoffee tarts | New Farm Unless you’ve lived in New Farm for a while, you’ve probably never heard of this tucked away place but you’ll find every local and his dog there on a Sunday, probably tucking into something sweet of an afternoon. For us, it’s always the caramel filled banoffee tart, which is everything a banoffee dessert should be and more. Ainsdale St Espresso’s doughnuts | Chermside Doughnuts may be coming in some wild and wonderful flavours these days, but sometimes, you just can’t go past the classics. Ainsdale St make Friday’s extra worth counting down until, with bombolini doughnuts filled with jam, nutella and salted caramel. You can even pre-order to make sure you don’t miss out! Have you got a sneaky treat you take a detour for? Let us know where on Facebook! Unless you’d like to keep them all to yourself… Words by Ranyhyn Akui