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4 cocktail trends you should check out for World Cocktail Day

Whether you love a good espresso martini, tequila is your poison of choice or you can never go past a classic Aperol Spritz, World Cocktail Day on May 13 is a damn good excuse to go and down a few of them. But it’s not just a day for downing a margarita or two, it’s also a day for celebrating how far we’ve come from those first potent blend of spirits way back in 1803. 2016 has seen a whirlwind of cocktail trends flooding Brisbane’s best bars, pubs and clubs. In recognition of World Cocktail Day, here’s a list of four current cocktail styles that we recommend you stumble upon at least once. Let’s face it: from icy mojitos to coma-inducing long island iced teas, having that glass in hand at the end of the day makes all the difference.
#1. Fresh AF ingredients
Forget artificial sugar syrups and juices that were concentrated before your ID was valid. 2016 is all about the use of fresh cocktail ingredients. You’ll find more bartenders using freshly pressed juice, chopping up real fruit, and sprinkling fresh mint and lavender on top to garnish. Move over glazed cherries, we won’t miss ya.
#2. Health conscious drinks
Now, when we say health-conscious, let’s not be unrealistic. We’re not skipping dinners for those espresso martinis, and glasses of soda and vodka don’t exactly scream ‘fun night out.’ We love having our cake and eating it too, but the recent menu trend of listing the calories in our cocktails makes it easier on the clean eating. It also makes it easier to locate the extra chocolatey concoctions during cheat week.
#3. The classics
If you’ve spent a good Netflix binge session watching Mad Men, Suits, or Boardwalk Empire (and if not … how do you spend your time?), odds are you’ve sat back and wondered ‘what the heck does a Manhattan taste like?’ Luckily, the good ol’ days are making a comeback, with old fashioneds, Tom Collins, and classic martinis cropping up all over the place.
#4. Pre-made mixes
Premium cocktails are fun, but spending half of happy hour waiting in the crowd can really dampen a buzz. Rather than making you wait for the bartender to shake, pour, muddle, and garnish every time you’re feeling parched, some spots are pre-mixing their cocktails for immediate enjoyment. You’ll often find a couple of mixes on tap or pre-bottled for easy pouring and faster drinking. Cheers to good drinks, good times, and hangovers we don’t have to think about ‘til the morning. Words by Samantha Chariton