3 food trends we wish would come to Brisbane this month | The Gourmand & Gourmet

3 food trends we wish would come to Brisbane this month

In our hunting through Instagram and the interweb, we’ve found a few tasty looking food trends we seriously want to get our hands on!
Coffee waffle cups 
Ice cream comes in an edible cup – why shouldn’t coffee? Don’t worry, these waffle cones are lined with extra chocolate so they won’t leave you with a handful of hot coffee (and we’ll never argue with extra chocolate). Delicious and good for the environment? We’ll take that as an excuse to up our caffeine intake.
Since coffee is stealing ice cream’s waffle cones, it’s only fair that ice cream gets something new – and we think that should definitely be taiyaki. These fish shaped pancakes are traditionally filled with red bean paste in Japan, but they’ve been co-opted by ice cream parlours and are being filled with soft serve and tasty toppings instead. Seafood never looked so good.
food-trends-cookie-friesCookie fries
You’ve seen burger fries and you’ve seen haloumi fries – now feast your eyes on cookie fries! Forget round or square cookies, fry shaped biscuits are the new way to go – and not just because it makes them all the easier to dunk in ‘sauces’ like Nutella, strawberry jam and funfetti frosting! Images credit: Culinary Envy, Tasting Table, Delish