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20 things you should have done if you live in Brisbane

Admit it, we’ve all seen that big red bus roaming around town and thought to ourselves: ‘Where the $#&* are they going? Does Brisbane even have any tourist attractions?’ And also: ‘Why are they sitting on the roof? Don’t they know it’s hot here?’ But while the tourists are heading off to ‘Old Windmill’ (it’s a stop – look it up), camera phones at the ready, there’s plenty of Brisbane icons (the food and booze kind of course) you’d only know about if you lived here. So get a highlighter out and get ready to reminisce – and start ticking them off if you haven’t already done it. #1. Had after work drinks on Friday’s riverside rooftop and wound up staying all night after a few of their killer cocktails and share plates. #2. Eaten a Lick! strawberry sundae at the Ekka. #3. Grabbed fish and chips from Fins & Feathers (or better yet, fetta chips from Zeus Street Greek) in South Bank and had your chips stolen by an ibis while you were attempting to eat them on the grass. #4. Tested out Doughnut Time, The Doughnut Bar AND Donut Boyz and decided once and for all which is your favourite – and then argued it strenuously with your friends. #5. Wound up with serious FOMO at Eat Street Markets and ended up with a six course meal – including 5 desserts. #6. Had a flaming scorpion cocktail bowl at Alfred & Constance and suddenly discovered dancing skills you never knew you had. #7. Sampled the infamous sand crab lasagne at Il Centro and ticked off a few more of Brisbane’s classic must-do restaurants, probably on your birthday, your mum’s birthday or your anniversary. #8. Made a serious food baby overindulging on yum cha at Landmark in Sunnybank. #9. Had a whiskey and apple at Lefty’s. And another. And another. And then taken your bra off and thrown it on the moose head for another (you too, boys). #10. Designed your own signature Naked Pop at Cowch (hot tip: white chocolate + Flake = foodgasm). #11. Bought a box of brownies from Dello Mano as a gift – then eaten them yourself. #12. Wrapped your hands around at least 3 of Brisbane’s best burgers – if not all of them – especially the BB Classic stacked with beef, cheese, pickles, onion and jalepeño at Ben’s Burgers. #13. Eaten at least 20 (yes, 20 – this city is the brunch capital of the world) of Brisbane’s best breakfasts – and been willing to wait in line for over half an hour for favourites like the latke stack at Shouk. #14. Taken a date up to Mt Coot-tha with a bottle of wine and a picnic basket full of goodies from nearby Paddington Deli, Toowong French Patisserie and Milton Fruit Bowl. #15. Made friends with salad at Botanica. Like best friends. Forever. #16. Had gelato melt all over your fingers while scoffing down a cone at La Macelleria. #17. Driven around in circles for 30 minutes trying to find a park near Julius Pizzeria because you’re craving their fennel and sausage pizza. #18. Had a pie at Yatala Pies on your way back from the Gold Coast. #19. Had an incredibly awkward first date dinner at South Bank. #20. Made the mistake of saying ‘surprise me’ at Brooklyn Standard and wound up with a Jack Daniel’s shot. Bonus item: Attempted to drunk eat a stack of pancakes between the hours of 12am and 4am at Pancake Manor – and failed miserably. Words by Ranyhyn Akui