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10 years of Emporium signature cocktails

Do you know how much alcohol the average person drinks in 10 years? Probably a lot, but we’re here to focus on the alcohol, not the stats. What we don’t want to focus on is the myth that you shouldn’t mix drinks on a night out (why do cocktails exist then, huh?). Brisbane’s beloved Emporium Hotel is gracing all cocktail lovers with 10 years worth of their signature sips, all on one irresistible list. Looks like you need to start making up for lost time. Emporium is known for their luscious libations, yet each year has claimed a clear favourite concoction, and you will get to taste each one at will. Some standouts include 2011’s Pavlova Martini, which celebrates Absolut Vodka, Liquor 43, lemon, passionfruit, simple syrup, strawberries and meringue – as well as Gingerbread Man, which features vanilla infused vodka, Mozart White, butterscotch schnapps, Frangelico, ginger syrup and crumble. Okay, one more. The Alice in Wonderland changes colour as you swirl it, how fun is that? As if that wasn’t enough, Emporium has created a headline cocktail for 2017 – the Ten of Diamonds. They’ve laid all their cards on the table with this one – Martell VS Cognac, wild strawberry liqueur, lime juice, egg white, agave nectar, raspberries and pepper. Step away from the espresso martini and expand your horizons at the Emporium Bar. Words by Nicole Portacha