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10 unique products you can't find in the supermarket

We don’t know about you, but picking up the occasional thawing cucumber from our local supermarket has given us mad trust issues. If we wanted frozen veggies, we’d go to the damn section that specialises in that.

Thankfully, the bless’ed team behind online farmers’ market, Farmhouse, are easing everyone’s shopping woes by offering fresh seasonal produce and artisan goods – straight from local farmers. Saving us from ever having to scourer the aisles for specialty goods again, here are 10 unique products to grab hold of from Farmhouse that you’re unlikely to find in any supermarket.

Pink Muesli with Berries (GF/Paleo)

Generally when cereal is coloured, you know you’re about to max your daily sugar intake. But against all odds, this gluten free pink muesli is naturally dyed by beetroot, and packed with nothing but the goodness of berries, coconut flakes, high-protein seeds and a drizzle of coconut nectar. You’ll go coco-nuts for it. Farmhouse pink museli

Kakadu Plum Powder

If you’re all about superfood powders, make some room in between the acai and the macca for this bad boy. The Kakadu plum is loaded with vitamin C – up to 100 times more vitamin C than oranges to be exact. That’s a lot of juice.

Truffle Honey with Macadamia Nuts

Honey, we’re home. Nature’s sweet treat just got sweeter with the helping hand of truffles and the smoothness of macadamia nuts. We like to think of it as perfect for pouring over ice cream or yoghurt. Can you say gourmet?

Bredbo Black Garlic 

Just in case purple wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough, you can nab a jar of black garlic to feature in your next Instagram shot… oh, and to eat. Why is it black? The colour changes due to fermentation, giving this garlic an interesting fusion of flavours – described as a combination of molasses, balsamic vinegar and liquorice. Farmhouse black garlic

Kokum & Co Marinade & Stir-fry Paste

We love an all-rounder, and there’s none better than this paste which pairs perfectly with seafood and veggies. A tangy marinade of kokum (mangosteen) and coconut – it shines like the star it is when used for barbecuing. Farmhouse Kokum and Co marinade

Maggie Beer’s Verjuice

If life gives you lemons but you don’t want them anyway, verjuice is a handy little alternative. Made from the juice of unfermented grapes, it’s perfect to use instead of lemon juice or vinegar.

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Say goodbye to little clumps of unmixed chocolate powder in your milk (the actual worst). These heavenly cubes of milk, coffee or chilli hot chocolate are attached to both a stirrer and a marshmallow. Now that’s the good kind of attached. Farmhouse hot chocolate stirrer

Bald Rock Kangaroo Jerky

Trade in your beef jerky for kangaroo. With hints of black pepper, coriander, garlic, lemon juice and lime juice, you’ll wish more snacks were available in these convenient and mouth-watering morsels. Farmhouse kangaroo jerky

Maggie Beer’s Vino Cotto 

Vino Cotto is essentially next level balsamic vinegar. Its unique sweet/sour flavour comes from the must of grapes – you must try it. We recommend drizzled over fresh strawberries!

Black Truffle 

You’ve probably seen them featured on every top menu in the country, and with good reason. Truffles match perfectly with anything from pasta to potato. These seasonal suckers are notoriously hard to get your hands on, so we’re stoked Farmhouse has come to the rescue!

Just to make your goods taste even better… 90% of every dollar spent on the Farmhouse site goes straight back to the source – whether that be a farmer or artisanal producer. Backing your farmers, and getting the best in return? Well, everyone’s a winner.

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Words by Words by Nicole Portacha