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10 things to stuff your face with in February

January is gone along with our public holidays, the balance on our Christmas gift cards, and the annoying relative that was only supposed to stay for a week but ended up staying until Australia Day. It’s time to really settle back into normal life again which can be hard. To help soothe the transition, we’ve put together a list of the best dishes you should be eating in this month. Because food is like duct tape – it fixes everything.
#1. Fish soft serve cones | Chocolate Komberry Co. | Eat Street
With a Japanese fish-shaped waffle cone filled with soft serve gelato, we think Chocolate Komberry Co’s new fish cones might just be the catch of the day!
#2. Rainbow croissants | Alfred & Constance | Fortitude Valley
Put some colour in your day with a flaky, buttery croissant filled with creamy mascarpone and rainbow sprinkles.
#3. Coco pop ice cream sandwich | Coffee Iconic | CBD
Ice cream sandwiches for breakfast is ok when their coated in cereal, right?
#4. BBQ & Beer Roadshow | February 18 | Doomben Racecourse
Two of our favourite B words are coming together for a day of BBQ meats, beer and music at the BBQ & Beer Festival on Saturday 18 February!
#5. Cheeseburger | Charboys | CBD
The CBD’s new burger spot might be familiar with some from their West End days, but that’s no reason not to stop in for one of their scrumptious cheeseburgers.
#6. Brisket | Detour | Woolloongabba
Already making a splash in the Brisbane food scene with a menu that caters to vegetarian, gluten free and meat eaters alike, Detour’s melt-in-your-mouth brisket served with tortillas and salsa is worth a detour all on it’s own.
#7. Bacon wrapped haloumi | Aquila | CBD
Say ‘halou-mi’ to your new favourite bar snack to pair with a beer – warm and gooey haloumi wrapped in crispy bacon!
#8. Craft beer and Mario Kart | Netherworld | Fortitude Valley
There’s only one thing better than great craft beer, and it’s the thrilling satisfaction of hitting your opponent with the dreaded red shell in Mario Kart. Combine the two, and you have a bar you’ll never want to leave!
#9. Pork belly paddle pops | Suburban Social | Chapel Hill
We thought pork belly couldn’t get any better, then Suburban Social went and put it on a paddle pop stick, making it even easier to shovel it into our gob!
#10. Raspberry and coconut loaf | Miss Bliss | West End
Bliss is the only word to describe the raspberry and coconut loaf from this wholefoods café, with strawberry coconut froyo, fruit, berry coulis and matcha crumb. February is the shortest month of the year, so you better get cracking. Words by Kate Stevens