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10 foods you didn’t know you could deep-fry

Nothing says USA like deep-fried deliciousness. America has taken the simple act of deep-frying food and turned it into something of an art form. While deep-fried butter or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches don’t really appeal to our slightly more sensitive appetities, we’ve found a few dishes that will fry you to the moon and back. Warning: if high calorie cooking isn’t your thing, stop reading now. Strawberries | Oh Desserts Don’t slice up strawberries to put on top of your pancakes like someone not in the know, just dip the whole things in the batter and deep-fry them to perfection. Then add syrup, cream and sprinkles, of course. Lasagna | Food Network If all the cheese and carbs in this Italian classic isn’t enough for you, add a saucepan load of hot oil and fry that baby up! At the least it’s a fast way to reheat cold lasagna. Cheesecake | Glamour Post We can barely finish a slice of New York style cheesecake as it is but there’s something about the thought of wrapping a piece in pastry and deep-frying it that has dribbling. Cookie dough | Sugar Hero Reason enough to go buy yourself a deep-fryer if there was ever one. Can’t you just imagine it drowning in ice-cream? Oh lordy, this is going straight to our thighs. Ravioli | Taste If you’ve ever made a pilgrimage to the States, you might have tried this one served up with marinara dipping sauce. If you haven’t, well, you’ll never boil your pasta again. deepfriedfoodavocado Avocado | Dine and Dish Thought avocados couldn’t get any better? Wrong. Crumbed and deep-fried is always better. Throw it in a taco, a salad, a burger or just eat it as is, it’s all good y’all. Tequila | Oh bite it! Ok, at first it might be disappointing that these are not actually deep-fried shots but instead, pieces of cake soaked in tequila. But who’s really going to complain about getting drunk and eating deep-fried cake at the same time? Nutella | Rasoi Because eating it out of the jar just isn’t good enough. Neither, for that matter, is putting it on bread. Putting it on bread and deep-frying it, however, is just right. Bacon | All Recipes When pan-frying just isn’t enough, deep-frying is the answer. Bonus, this way just dishing up a plate of bacon by itself (not that a side of fries and aioli wouldn’t go down a treat) seems a bit more legit. Corn on the cob | Simply Sated Because there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a good, healthy vegetable and turning it into junk food. God bless America and their deep fryers! Words by Ranyhyn Akui