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Hidden Food Secrets of Brisbane

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You know what? Of course Gerard’s Bar does great charcuterie. And we would be mortified if Banneton delivered anything less than exceptional bread. we don’t want to hear any more about Alfred and Constance’s slow roasts, WE KNOW. We know these guys are killing it. Deliciousness abounds in these places. But we want to be surprised for a change. We want to find greatness amidst squalor, surprise treats in all the wrong places. So we’ve started a hunt. A hunt for good food in shit places, delicacies where others dare not venture. Because, after all, this site is about loving food, all of the food. This list will continue to evolve, this is but the beginning. La Vosh, Red Hill: Bagels (the tuna bagel has a cult following), custard filled donuts and the Friday-only Challah bread. Welsh Lady, Rosalie: Sure, the woman makes excellent cakes, but what becomes of those hundreds of lonely egg-whites once the lemon curd is done? Meringues. The biggest, crispiest, chewiest, most divine clouds of sugar you have ever tasted. Gwen is sugar-wielding genius. NoNo’s, Red Hill: For the best falafel. Home made fresh daily. Gerbinos, Ashgrove: Arguably the best pies in Brisbane. Que Huong, Darra: The chili mud crab will make love to you. Not really, ouch. Kerri Craig, CBD: High Tea, like walking back into the glorious era of pastel power suits and Friday ladies luncheons. If you are going to high tea, you have to embrace floral. Excellent finger sandwiches and scones. Bravo Bar, Fortitude Valley: This has actually been tested at length (despite protestations from our livers), The French Martini made by Jeremy Kilvington is by far and away the best in the Valley. Nameless Darra Food Store: The rice paper rolls on the front counter at the Vietnamese grocers in Darra opposite the train station make all other rice paper rolls pale. About $5- $6 for four of the most overfilled pork and prawn rice papers you’ve ever seen. The sauce is also exceptional. There’s usually only a few boxes on the counter each day, but you can place a special order for future collection if you ask nicely. Note: we don’t actually know the name of the place it is soooo underground and kewl. Dang’s Takeaway, The Grange: The burger with the lot. No Camembert, no marinades, no hummus. Just meat, and egg and bacon and beetroot and all of the things that are SUPPOSED to be on a burger.  Eliza Gower